Here at Rojanmews we produce a small amount of Goshawks, but what we do produce is to a very high standard. All of our Goshawks are bred 100% naturally by parent reared birds, no imprints are used in the reproduction of our birds.
We use a 2 partition aviary, where the male and female are kept separately until we feel that the female will accept the male. We then pull the partition, allowing the male in with the female to copulate keeping a close eye on the females persona towards the male in case he has to be removed. We manage this with the use of cctv cameras. When we are confident that the male is safe, he will then stay in the females aviary at all times to simulate his role as the food provider. He will then take over incubating the eggs when the female feeds etc. We also allow our males to rear the young for as long as the female will allow him before removing him and to leave the female to finish off rearing the young.This is something that not many people are prepared to do. We feel that this will help young birds in years to come when they become parents themselves.
Full Finnish Goshawks
We produce full finnish goshawks produced from large and proven parents.
3/4 Finnish German Goshawks
We produce 3/4 finnish german goshawks.
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